Tevinter Laetan - Human Mage (Tracey)


Class: Mage | Level: 3 (5700xp) | Health: 35 | Mana: 34 | Spellpower: 15 + (focus)

1 awesome point!!!!!

Speed: 10 | Defense: 10 | Armor: none


  • Staff| 3 d6 | 1 d6 + 1
  • Dagger |3 d6 -2 to attack| 1 d6 + 1 (1/2 damage for wrong weapons class)


  • Communication: 3 | deception, persuasion, investigation, seduction
  • Constitution: 2
  • Cunning: 4 | Enchantment
  • Dexterity: 0
  • Magic: 5 | entropy
  • Perception: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Willpower: 3


  • Linguistics (Novice)
  • Command (Novice)
  • Intrigue (novice)

Class Powers and Spells

  • Arcane Lance: (3d6 to attack, dmg- 1d6 +magic, ranged)
  • Daze (effects, 2mp, etc)
  • Drain Life (effects, 4mp, etc)
  • Death Magic (effects, 7mp, etc)
  • Curse of Mortality (effects, 15mp)

Gold: 0 | Silver:108 | Copper: 92

Story Related

  • Item

*ring to symbolize friendship with elves

  • 2 standard mana potions 2d6 + magic
  • 1 standard health potion 4d6
  • one pretty light up box (I know what’s in it but my character doesn’t)
  • 2 bottles of fine wine
  • healing potion 2d6 +con (expensive)
  • bottle of lesser lirium – mana restore potion 1d6+ magic
  • backpack
  • traveling clothes
  • water skin
  • mirror
  • rope
  • flint/steel
  • dress with three underskirts
  • 13 rations
  • cheese
  • 5 sheets of paper
  • pencil
  • brush
  • boots
  • cloak
  • mage’s robes
  • belt

Physical Description
Human – Tevinter Laetan| 25 years | female

  • 5’ 8" 130 lbs
  • long dark brown hair and grey eyes.
  • willowy appearance.
  • dresses plainly.
    She plays the part of the aristocrat very well having studied the art directly from her superiors however has not fully let go of some of the habits of her common background.

Personality and Traits
ambitious to a fault. proud. likes to play with words and meanings (not puns). Always measures the political dynamics of her surroundings to see how best to not only survive but to come out on top of any interaction


  • Tevinter
  • Ancient Tevene
  • Trade
  • Rivaini

Background and History
Auran was born in Minrathous, the seat of power in the Tevinter Imperium. Being a commoner of the Soporati class, she found herself living on the streets after being orphaned at the age of 5. She learned to subsist on the meager food she was able to steal. At the age of 10, a particularly violent altercation with a shop owner caused her magic to blossom and she was noticed by Altus member Pompilius, a mage highly placed within Tevinter’s ruling courts. Auran was taken in by Pompilius and he began her training. He, like many in the upper echelons of Tevinter society, was a cruel master to his young apprentice. Having been elevated to the Laetan class with the patronage of Pompilius, Auran was no longer one of the common rabble and had quite a lot of access to the finer things in life, but still felt herself stifled by the subservient nature of her position in relation to the power and prestige held by the Altus class. Over time, she began to accumulate supplies and allies and eventually made her escape from Minrathous, vowing one day to return and see Pompilius and his ilk pay for their transgressions.

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