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  • Eshara

    You found her in the ruins of the Fuldor farm. She offered a fantastical tale of dark spawn attacking her clan and being responsible for the "Dalish Curse" on the village of Vintiver.

  • Tarl Dale

    A grizzled veteran, now settled in Vintiver and charged with keeping the peace and the other responsibilities of a village Warden.

  • Orellis

    You rescued him and much of the rest of the band from Mythallen during the Investigation at Vintiver. He and the rest of the band are very grateful.

  • Coalan

    He stirred up an anti-Dalish mob over Senron's presence in Vintiver and later ambushed your party for the same reason. You left him unconscious by the road leading into town.

  • Haran and Kesla Mullin

    Kesla's father stared the inn and she inherited it from him. Harlan willing gave up a career as a carpenter to help run the family business. They are good folk with a live-and-let-live attitude and a belief in hard work, hospitality and caring for …

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