Shadows of Enchanted Lives

Vintiver: Investigation Begins

A bear, a dog, and the town warden ...

Senior Warden Robert,

We set out on the last leg of our trip to Vintiver with the intention of arriving there for lunch. As we followed the winding road through the woods, we heard a great commotion in the trees and behind a hill. We investigated and found a mabari war dog defending the corpse of it’s master against a hungry bear. We dispatched the bear and were perplexed as to what killed the man. It appears to be an animal of some type, but not one we are familiar with. In the end we brought the war dog and man’s effects into Vintiver.

We spoke with Tarl Dale, the local bann’s warden, and discovered that the dead man was Felix, a member of the local militia. In addition Warden Dale has discovered a the Fuldor family which was massacred on their farm by the same or similar creatures as what killed Felix. The locals claim this is a result of a Dalish curse placed upon the town a week ago. Warden Dale disagrees. He informed us that there was an altercation at the town’s Harvest Festival between the town’s hot-headed smith and one of the Dalish caravan’s youth. However, the situation was addressed by both he and the Dalish elder and they went peacefully on their way. Warden Dale requested that we thoroughly investigate the farm since he is unable to leave the town in such a state of near-panic to do the investigation himself.

We proceeded to the Fuldor farm and immediately noticed an Elvish word written on the wall of the farm house — in what appears to have been the farm family’s blood. We are currently continuing our investigation at the farm and will report in once we have further news.

The Gray Warden’s investigation into this matter is wise. Something is definitely going on here in Vintiver.

Warden-Ensign Auran of Tevinter

GM Notes:

Rewards Received

  • 250 xp (all PCs)
  • Bear pelt
  • 2 rations (all PCs)


  • Bear (Auran’s kill)


Robert was my grandfather’s name. :)

Vintiver: Investigation Begins

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