Shadows of Enchanted Lives

Vintiver: The Ruined Keep

skeletons and captives

Senior Warden Robert,

We indeed arrived at the Keep this morning. It is very old and probably not from this age, nor perhaps the one before. Although the above-ground portion is a complete ruin, the basement is in better condition. It is there that, after dispatching some undead, we found the missing Dalish.

Their Lorekeeper Orellis was able to give us more information. There is an abomination named Mythallen (Child of Vengeance). It appears to once have been the Dalish hunter Harralan. The abomination is able to make others (including the jackal-like darkspawn we encountered a few days ago) from the bodies of the dead Dalish. Mythallen left shortly before our arrival. He has taken his “army” to attack the town of Vintiver.

Larresh, a Dalish hunter, has offered to guide us on a faster route back to Vintiver while the rest of the Dalish clan remains behind in safety. We require a rest before entering the forest, but we trust to make up the time with Larresh’s help.

Warden-Ensign Auran of Tevinter

GM Notes:
Quest Notes

  • The elves’ valuables have been returned
  • They insisted on thanking the party by giving you the valuables belonging to the dead elves
  • Tracey still carries the broken link

Party Loot

  • 1000 xp
  • generic loot: 24 sp (10 is the thank-you from the elves)
  • 1 standard health potion (4d6 + CON)

Rewards Received

  • Awesome Point awarded to Vash (for rolls matching Brian’s RP choices)
  • Auran (Tracey): Magic box, 2 standard lyrium potions (2d6 + MAG)
  • Khenin (Grant): 3sp, damaged light plate armor (AR of 6 until fixed)
  • Senron (Matt): 3sp, Token to be exchanged (GM), 2 standard lyrium potions (2d6 + MAG)
  • Vash (Brian): 5 bottles of whiskey (10 sp each)


  • Skeleton, spear (kill record: Vash)
  • Skeleton, sword (kill record: Senron)
  • Skeleton, Bow (kill record: Khenin)
  • Skeleton Knight (kill record: Vash)
  • Shade (kill record: Auran)



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