Shadows of Enchanted Lives

Vintiver: The Dalish Story

things begin to get weird

Senior Warden Robert,

The young elf has told us her story. Her name is Eshara and she is a member of the Dalish band that visited Vintiver for their Harvest Festival. A clash began between the elves (lead by a ranger named Harralan) and the villagers (lead by Coalan the smith). Tarl Dale and the Dalish elder broke up the fight, and the Dalish left town. Harralan was sent to scout ahead. He was the first scout to go missing. Within a few days many of the bad had disappeared (including several search parties). Then darkspawn attacked the wagon train and captured the rest. Of all the captives, Eshara was the one to escape. As she fled, she found a silver link. It is broken, but had been displayed prominently in the ruined keep where the Dalish are being held. She gave us the link and a map to the keep and has begged us to rescue her people.

Tarl Dale supports our mission and has re-equipped us. He also has taken responsibility for Eshara’s safety as she is too weak to accompany us. Coalen the smith felt differently, however. He objected strongly to Senron’s presence in town and ambushed us as we left. He quickly discovered that he was no match for Vash. We left him unconscious beside the road where his friends would find him once their courage returned.

Using Eshara’s map, we found and investigated the remains of the Dalish camp. It was obvious from the footprints and destruction that a whole-scale fight had occurred, but all the bodies had been drug away. We gathered what valuables we could find and brought them with us for safe-keeping. The trail of footprints and bodies lead in the same direction as Eshara’s instructions, so we were able to follow it until night fall.

As we camped in the woods, we were attacked by four darkspawn of a kind I have never seen before. Fully the size of a human, they had jackale-like heads with glowing red eyes and very strong claws. These claws are responsible for the unique wounds on both the militia man and the Fuldor family. We were able to defeat the darkspawn and that lead us to our most disturbing discovery of this investigation. The darkspawn become Dalish elves upon death. We buried the elves/darkspawn.

We expect to arrive at the ruined keep tomorrow and will provide a report on what we find.

Warden-Ensign Auran of Tevinter

GM Notes:
Quest Updates

  • Tracey carries the link and the elves valuables

Party Loot

  • 850 xp
  • generic loot: none

Rewards Received

  • Matt: tent
  • Brian: 1 lesser healing potion (2d6 + CON)
  • Grant: 1 lesser healing potion (2d6 + CON)


  • Coalan (KO record: Brian)
  • 4 Darkspawn Revengers (kill record: Brian 3, Dog 1)



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