Shadows of Enchanted Lives

Vintiver: Battle of the Bridge

the murder of crows

Senior Warden Robert,

I write to inform you that our arrival at the ruined keep has been delayed. We were set upon by a large number of blood crows as we attempted to cross a chasm over a river. We were forced to tend to our wounds and rest before proceeding.

We currently expect to arrive tomorrow in the late morning.

Warden-Ensign Auran of Tevinter

P. S. — As I’m sure you recall, I voiced some strong objections to Vash accompanying us on this mission. I wish now to acknowledge his value in our team and your wisdom in sending him.

GM Notes:
Quest Notes

  • Tracey still has the broken link and the elves’ valuables

Party Loot

  • 650 xp
  • generic loot: a few feathers and nightmares


  • 17 Blood crows (kill record: Brian 11, Tracey 4, Grant 2)



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