Shadows of Enchanted Lives

Vintiver: Of Wolves and Mobs

the unexpected value of meat pies

Senior Warden Robert,

We finished our investigation of the Fuldor farm. We found nothing further in the farmhouse (though we did restock our provisions). Upon exiting the farmhouse we fought a pack of dire wolves, presumably drawn by the scent of blood. The fight was shortened by a well tossed meat pie sent several wolves off into the woods to fight over their prize.

After the wolves were dispatched, we thoroughly explored the farm’s out-buildings. In the barn we discovered an injured elf with wounds consistent with those of the Fuldor family and Felix the militia man. Senron was able to stabilize her enough to take her to town.

We were able to smuggle the unconscious elf into our room in the inn without attracting the townsfolk’s attentions. However a mob of angry townfolk assembled in front of the inn later that night. The smith had stirred them up over the Senron’s presence. I was able to soothe the situation long enough for Tarl Dale, the town Warden, to arrive and send home the smith and what remained of the mob.

We expect that the elf will be well enough in the morning for interrogation. We will update you with what we learn.

Warden-Ensign Auran of Tevinter

GM Notes:

Rewards Received

  • 900 xp (all PCs)
  • Awesome Point awarded to Tracey (for the meat pie distraction)
  • Rations from the farmhouse: Tracey 10, Grant 3, Matt 7, Brian 1
  • Barn chest (looted by Auran): 1 bottle of wine, 1 lesser lyrium potion, 1 lesser healing potion


  • 7 wolves (kill record: Auran 2, Dog 2, 3 distracted by meat pie)
  • mob tamed by Auran



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